Amplifier Services

Does your amplifier need servicing? Here's pricing for common maintenance and repairs:

Retube (with non-adjustable bias) $20
Retube (with bias adjustment) $50
Bias Adjustment $40
Tube Socket Retension (set of four sockets) $25
Speaker Install $25
Cap Job $40-$150 + cost of capacitors
Grounded Power Cable Install $35
Vintage and Rare Potentiometer Refurbishing $30 per potentiometer + cost of parts
Dust Removal/Circuit Board Cleaning/Light Restoration $50
Speaker Reconing $40 + cost of parts
Tolex Replacement $30 per panel + cost of parts
Grill Cloth Replacement $40 + cost of parts

Add 30% to expedite any repair. Repairs not listed above will run $40 per hour for tube amplifiers and pedals. Transistor amps (solid state) will run $45 per hour. Diagnostic time includes the first hour of labor. We provide free estimates prior to completing any work.

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