Guitar Services

Let's get your guitar playing its best. Here's pricing for common maintenance and repairs:

Restring (any guitar except those with a Floyd Rose) $15 + cost of strings
Restring (Floyd Rose) $20 + cost of strings
Setup (fixed bridge/acoustic) $45
Setup (tremolo)* $50
Setup (Floyd Rose)* $55
Nut Slot Height Adjustment $20 ($10 w/ setup)
Trust Rod Adjustment $15
Fret Level) $100
New Nut $50
Refret*** (without binding) $225
Refret*** (with binding) $300
Recrown $50
Electric Guitar Rewire $60
New Output Jack (installed--includes cost of switchcraft mono jack) $30
New Pot (installed--includes cost of cts pot) $35
Acoustic crack repair $35 per crack (discounted if more than 2 cracks)
Bridge reset $100
Neck reglue $150
Brace reglueing $35 per brace
Headstock reattachment $100 and up

Add 30% to expedite any repair. Repairs not listed above will run $40 per hour for electric guitars with bolt on necks. Work on all other guitars is $45 per hour. Diagnostic time includes the first hour of labor. We provide free estimates prior to completing any work.

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